I’m 17 year old teenager on a mission to show that food is what you are. Eat right, and you’ll feel right. No more disease, no more of that of the yucky pills, and surgeries. Who am I to say that though right? I’m only 17. I believe that health starts right now, not in later moment. Start now, and enjoy life.

My goal:

To provide you with the stuff that has been working for me. Yes my goal as of 3 months ago is to gain 35 pounds of muscle. I’ll be posting stuff that has helped me, and stuff about what is in your food ;how even though companies say things are healthy, they are not.  I just thought it just happened to be a great mix to write about. I’ll be sure to post a youtube video about me, which I’m a little shy about to be honest, kinda :/.

So What if food? Is it the stuff we buy at the store, the one that comes in packages? Well don’t be surprised becuase it isn’t.  This site is dedicated to get you to realize that this processed food is what is making you unhealthy. They contains many ingredients that it would take a day or two for you to pronounce, and yet people eat it. The health effects are bad on the body, and you everyday life situation causing things such as depression, just on what you eat. No wonder that old saying goes you are what you eat.  As part of a a meal plan, and exercise work outs its important to know this. Eating processed foods will slow anyone down even they seem fast in the short run, in the long run it will literally come at you with a disease.