What really makes us feel tired and stressed? Is it the mental chaos we have in our heads? If it wasn’t for that we really wouldn’t be stressed, but actually there is a hormone that makes you feel stressed, and tired. Cortisol is not my favorite hormone. One being that this with too much may cause so many side effects. This hormone is the one that gets you ready for a fight or flight stage, and is responsible for making you tired if you have many things going on in your life for a variety of reasons. Cortisol in excess has the ability to eat up your bod away literally.

Cortisol in extreme, and in the long-term could be damaging. It lowers your immune system, it increases fat storage, and it encourages your body to store fat, well isn’t that great?  If you want to build muscle this hormone will work against you. This is why we body builders do not encourage cardio because this hormone gushes into your bloodstream. I’m not sure why but my theory is that when we were cavemen, this hormone let you use your muscles, and fat as an energy storage. So it gave you a boost back then when running for food, or a predator but now when you’re trying to gain mass this is bad.

These are some of the side effects from too much cortisol

Stops the synthesis of protein to make it virtually impossible to build muscle.

Makes your body retain water

Reduces bone formation

Makes you able to retain memory better only if cortisol has just been put into your system

Increases your blood pressure significantly

Shuts down your reproductive system

I’m not saying to get rid of cortisol, I’m saying its good to relax, but this is also just one way of bragging how nice of this hormone is just because of mental, emotional stress.

Some ways you can reduce cortisol is going out and taking deep breaths once in a while. To really give you an effect, sit down, have your back straight, and meditate.  Focus your breath and out breath through your nose. Ask yourself how does it air feel passing by through your nose. Is it warm, is it cool? Most importantly anchor yourself to the moment by listening what you are not aware of. Listen to your heart. All these techniques have the ability to grind the mental chaos away. Usually we are stressed when we have a huge work load on top of use.

If this technique fails there are a couple of herbs you may take if your stress levels persists.

  • Saint Johns Wort-Anti depressant. Works as an SSRI, uptakes your serotonin levels so you don’t feel as depressed.
  • Valerian root Calms the central nervous system. If taken for a long period of time then the herb loses its affect on you.
  • Passion Flower Is a relaxant, a little weaker than Valerian. Increases testosterone by destroying estrogen.
  • Ginseng Improvement in thinking boosting resistance to viral infections Increasing resistance to the effects of stress, and Improving circulation and preventing disease.
  • Magnesium Cortisol is increased when when levels are low
  • Black tea Helps you recover once cortisol levels have dropped

If you are feeling extreme stress then I’m assuming you wouldn’t even be seeing this be keep in mind I am not your  professional doctor.

That is that. These are some of the remedies I have used when I’m stressed. Even if you are not in stress, its always good to go into deep relaxation especially when you excersise. Remember though anything in excess will cuase harm. It only takes 100cups of water to make your heart stop beating. This is called overosmosis.