And the number one thing that you want to avoid. It isn’t what you might have anticipated. Corn is the number one thing used in American food, and for several reason companies choose to use this intoxicating food for selfish reasons.

Corn is found virtually everything. You’ll find it in your cheese, your peanut butter, canned food like fruits,  cereals, juices, anything that will make your fruit taste sweet even, gasoline, batteries, cows, meat, and  chicken.  You find it your chicken becuase thats all they feed the animals, corn. This is all they feed your cows.  Companies do this becuase the profits, and to them you are not important. If you keep this in mind we are walking cornstalks. You might be saying ok corn really isn’t that bad right, but when you remember everything is extreme is bad motto then yes corn is deliciously bad for you.  Corn is a grain, a carbohydrate. In case you haven’t checked out Gary Taubes Good Calories, Bad Calories, You’ll realize why you’ve been gaining weight.  Carb’s convert into glycogen very easily and if you don’t use that energy guess what? You’re going to gain on weight.

Things to look out for

-Corn Syrup

– High Fructose Corn Syrup(the really bad stuff)

This is the stuff that is really bad, and really cheap. It doesn’t even taste good in my opinion. High Fructose Corn Syrup is sooo processed that some even say that it turns into mercury. Don’t believe me though look it up for yourself. This is the reason companies are going crazy with telling the customer there is no corn in the product. More and more people are being informed and they are getting prepared for their downfall. We are the voters, and every time we go to the supermarket we make a choice, and we can make a choice whether we want to support the corporate marketers, or not by buying items that say that has sugar cane, or not eating sugar at all. Drink tea. Tea is loaded with anti-oxidants, and eventually you’ll get used to it. Its just a habit. Just as parents gave soda to little kids they didn’t really like it, they got used to it. Little kids have nothing to compare. Just as if you came into this world and had no idea what hot meant when you were somewhere cold, how could you have a preference?

What to buy?



-whole foods(found on the sides of the supermarket)

-Look  at the ingredients, and avoid anything that says corn.  (good luck if its in a box 🙂 )

What this all means

Just take care of your body. You’re body is your vehicle it does everything you tell it to. It doesn’t have a mind of its own and starts saying oh I don’t want to go up those stairs I’m too tired. Thats your ego saying that, not your body. You body  is a servant and I think it time that it gets what it deserves.