In this journey I will be explaining what will I be doing to my body. I will be explaining in detail as to what I am eating,  what exercises I’m doing,  the amount of weight, and success I will get from what I am doing. This will be similar to just a journal, or bodybuilding spaces. My goal? Gain 35 pounds of pure muscle in the next couple of months. Right now I weigh 175 lb My workout routine consists of going to the gym daily.

Pre- workout  5 grams of Creatine

Post work out Elite Protein 24g


3 eggs, and bacon.

1 Banana

Snack consists of a V8. You can include almonds, a fruit, vegetable. Just make sure its not something to heavy like white breads.

Lunch: A piece of meat, fish, or chicken(its up to you)

A fruit such as an apple


Dinner: Chicken or Steak or Fish

One cup of milk

One serving of vegatbles

Snack: Cereal




The high rate of meals is to get your metabolism going. This does NOT mean to eat more. This is just to spread out the meals so your body is constantly getting the energy supply instead of dumping it to your blood stream, getting a spike and crashing.  On the other hand you don’t want to eat nothing at all becuase that will slow down your metabolism. Maybe not overnight, but it will definitely show on your body over time. On the next post coming up I’ll show you what exercise that helped me the most.