Why don’t I lose weight, what is wrong with the food industry, and what kind of exercise is good for me. You’ll find some answers here.

The old nutritionist age would are recommend for you to eat nutrients, and eat fewer calories, and a million of other things.  Boy were they wrong, because apparently it hasn’t helped America one bit. I mean just look around you’ll see people who have more weight, and more weight, and the creepy part is that it is becoming “normal”.  Nothing that the nutritionist have told you has worked. We have many of them, and many people not losing weight, but with jaw dropping stats about diseases. People in America have twice as much diseases as the French.  So the key term a  meal,not a diet a meal, is balance. Not too much not too little much of food.

So you want to get fit huh?

First things first you change the way you think about yourself. Look up some self-improvement sites.  You might hate yourself, and you might succeed but the part where you hate yourself can be changed. Instead love yourself for who you are, and in that process comes a transformed body inside out. Look up The Work. To change your thoughts.

Many people think that by eating less you will lose weight.  Some people go to the trainer and say look I go to the gym everyday and I don’t eat anything. Is there something wrong. No silly your metabolism slows down when you eat less. that’s you bodies natural way of protecting itself from starvation.  This also doesn’t mean to eat like a pig either.

Following this simple chart will help you lose weight, and have more energy throughout the day.

Your first meal should be tea, with 2-3 eggs scrambled with your choice of meat. If you prefer beef, or ham, its your choice. On top of that take one of oat meal. To finish off your breakfast eat one apple.

2nd meal

Your choice of potatoes, past with fish, chicken, lean beef with a cup of steamed vegetables, and one apple. Its important to switch the meals often so you don’t get bored of the food, and don’t fry the vegetables. Frying destroys the nutrients in the  your food.

3rd meal

A protein shake 1 scoop of you are a girl, and 2 scoops if you are a guy. Buy a huge 2 pound container of protein. It will save you money in the long run. You’ll be using this a lot.  Usually its called whey protein.

4th meal

Chicken or lean meat/ with any greens ex broccoli

Well there you have it you very own program to lose weight if you are working out. Food is the most important part of a diet. Its more important than the workout itself. Keep in mind to eat mostly things that are not frozen. Buy things fresh.

Make sure you drink lots of water.

Protein is the best way to lose fat.