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  1. Failure the secret to success. This includes life, for relationships, for building muscle, everything. There is no other way to go. Of course don’t fail on purpose but the reason failure is an integral part of success is because it is a vehicle to get you to success. A bodybuilder will NOT gain muscle if his muscle fibers do not tear. A chump will not become a pick up artist if he doesn’t learn from his failures from his past interactions with people. For life you wouldn’t know where to go if you didn’t have a mechanism that guided you where to go and let you know what you want. If not we’d all be clumsier than what we already are. My best lessons are learned from where things didn’t go as planned so I move on happier than before because what I was afraid of accomplishing I now know how to do it with ease. Just be careful of having a bad image of failing, we are told not to fail but how will we succeed if we are not willing to make mistakes and ultimately learn from them?


  2. Embrace success. Sometimes we may all have fears in our life. We may even have fears of succeeding. Why is that? In my own situation I have fears of becoming very successful because I’m actually afraid of being bashed on. I’m afraid of people saying of you sucker you’re so swaggering. All of these fears bash my success away. What happens when I believe these things will happen I feel like ominous. We may not think of them all the time but sometimes we believe we will get bashed on or that money is for selfish people. How does that work out when you have money, and have this belief that you believe in? In many cases you will feel resistance to the situation you regard as “bad. The solution is remember that we have control in our lives. So in my case if you fear your friends or family saying something about you, let them be, that is their business. It isn’t my business what they think, just as I have thoughts about people that is my business. With my help you’re going to see your body change from slump to superultrasexy, don’t be shy about the extra lovable attention. J Just be aware for the thoughts you might have about it like maybe you might of thought like I used to. People with nice bodies are bad people with bad stressful lives.


  3. If someone hates you that is a good thing. Hating does not feel good and realize if someone hates on you then that means they are jealous of something that they want from you or they want to feel superior in some way.



  4. Enjoy the moment. This is similar to not believing your beliefs unless they believe in you. Think of your favorite summer vacation. What did you do? What was so fun about it? Think back how you had fun whether it was the people you enjoyed being around with, or the activities you did? And think those through honestly I’ll wait…Ok seriously its important think of that great summer. Automatically you feel better. Just by thinking something as simple you can change the way we feel. The problem is sometimes we are so stuck up in our thoughts that it happens automatically and usually they are negative thoughts. Being in the moment means letting go of the vicious thoughts and finding out that they are not true for you. Imagine if all we thought was positive thoughts?Some of the reasons people like working out is because it releases stress. I’m all like well if the activity in itself why should it release stress. That is because sometimes when we choose to accept the moment we our thoughts that we believe in kind of disappear. This allows the work outs to feel super good. A part of bodybuilding is being able to enjoy the workout.


  5. Get used to change. In life we are always going to see change. Every day is different. Every six months we get a new liver, everyday there are new faces to see, new places to explore, yet change seems so scary. The reason for this is because here you are breathing. You’re alive; you made it this far in the evolutionary cycle. Why should you do anything different is what your mind says. It says you’re crazy fro trying new things you’re breathing. Yet that isn’t the best case scenario if you expect to meet new people, or workout. In bodybuilding it is important to change your workout every six weeks. When I first started I was hesitant, but then found out if you don’t change your workout then your muscle will be used to the workouts and say why should I continue growing? You’re doing the same thing there is no need to change I’m staying. You’ll often see the side effect of this when you see people workout at the gym religiously and never grow.


  6. Love yourself for who you are first. People often think that if you change your appearance then you will be confident, but that Is not always the case. That would only be a manifestation of your unconfidence in the first place so that wouldn’t be a permanent fix. Haven’t you ever heard of Elvis Presley. He is the prime example of a person who wasn’t satisfied for who he was. Therefore its important to realize that our bodies are great servants. In what way? The body naturally stores fat if you eat too much carbs. (Evolutionary reasons). If you workout and train your body your efforts will reflect. Your body will just be a nice reflection of your inner self. Then I realize it’s not the bodies fault because I hated it, it’s my fault. Love my body because it is doing its job wonderfully no matter what shape it’s in it’s my fault. Love your body where it’s at, then begin taking care of it from a place I call self-love yummy.


  7. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein. Have we not all done this? Sometimes we mumble over our breath for something we want to change like the way someone didn’t say thank you, or the way your parents don’t turn off the freaking tv. Yet you keep on mumbles and getting angry but not just once many times over. That is insanity. Heck some of the best insights come from people that were always failing and decided to do something different. Neil Strauss was a guy that never had a girlfriend till he was in college. Before that his frustration told him something he was doing wasn’t right. He began talking to girls differently, and getting advice from pick up artist’s now girls chase him, and he sees sex like a duty. How is that for a change! I Instead if getting angry doesn’t work then leave it you’re ok, you’re breathing, or probably a little better if you just let go of the situation. In bodybuilding if you are not growing for quite a while and that is your goal switch up your workouts. If this happens to you don’t waste your time, that’s insane if you expect to grow after no results, in a 5 weeks to be exact.


    Note a belief is just a belief. Its our fault at times when we don’t look at the other side and see whats up.



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